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Rules and Policies

Any advertisement containing text elements (words, expressions, sentences ... etc.), which would seem contrary to legal or regulatory provisions, good morals, the rules of distribution of our site, or likely to disturb or shock readers will be refused by GlobeImmo without this giving rise to any right to compensation for the benefit of the advertiser. • Advertisements must be written in French (legal obligation imposed by law n ° 94-345 of August 4, 1994). When a foreign term cannot find its equivalent in French, it must be circumscribed in a sufficiently precise manner so as not to mislead the user of the site. • In the case of a photo insertion, this must represent the request or the service proposal. • The text of the advertisement must describe the subject of the advertisement. Ads containing a general text such as "many services to offer" are not accepted. • It's forbidden : -to have the same advertisement simultaneously several times on the site. insert keywords in the ad text. -Only the text describing the service is allowed. to mention in the title and description of the advertisement a link pointing to another website. -To file a person search notice. -To place an advertisement of an advertising nature (sales of equipment, rental, etc.), without indicating the commercial advertisement section. - To have more than 8 active announcements at the same time at the national level and 4 active announcements at the regional level (beyond this limit contact us for estimate) and in different categories. • It is obligatory : -To delete an old advertisement before inserting a new one relating to the same service. - Fill in the e-mail address field in the deposit form. • As a user of the "GlobeImmo" service, you must ensure that the service offered is an authorized service on the site. We invite you to read the thematic list below of prohibited services on the site: - tobacco, drugs and associated objects, dangerous and illegal substances. - firearms, explosives, hunting traps. - content reserved for Adults. - protected plant and animal species.